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Cover Letter For Mba Hr Fresher Resume

Sample Human Resource Manager Cover Letter

Writing a HR cover letter needs applying of techniques that includes proper portrayal of applicant's skills and knowledge. HR or Human Resourcing is a job profile where applicants will have to look after the people oriented issues in a firm and plays a key role in matters like overlooking of individual performances, worker management and recruitment. Below are two cover letters samples for the graduate assistant post that will help applicants in writing better cover letters for their job application.

Sample HR cover letters for applicants with no experience

Applicants with no experience of work will have to mention about their educational qualifications and academic achievements to make their cover letters attractive and appealing. Below is a sample HR cover letter that will help fresher applicants write effective cover letters for their job application.

HR cover letter sample for fresher

Sebastian Davis
23rd Andy Road, Rolex
Loss Angeles, California
Contact no: 324 657 2354


Mathew Drake
Human Resource Manager
VMA Corporation
34th floor Trinity Tower, Duplex Square
Loss Angeles, California

Dear Mr Drake,

This is in response to an advertisement in the Daily Mail about the availability of a job for the post of HR in your reputed firm. Please find enclosed with this application, my resume and my educational certificates.

I am an active, energetic and hard working person. I enjoy accepting new challenges and thrive under pressure. I think that my educational experience is enough to start my career in the human resource servicing sector. I have completed my education from Larsen University in commerce and afterwards did my MBA in Human Resource from the same university. I also did a 4 month internship in JVC Internationals and learned the techniques of human resource job profile from it. I am proficient with computers and also possess good presentation and communication skills.

I would really welcome the opportunity to speak about my background in detail. You can reach me at (

Your Sincerely,

Sebastian Davis


  • Resume
  • Appreciation letter
  • Education certificates

Sample HR cover letters for applicants with experience

Applicants with experience need to mention about their job history in their cover letter and what their assignments and duties were. Below is a sample cover letter for applicants with experience in the human resource field.

HR cover letter sample for fresher

Kristen Farrell
21st China Road, Saint Louis
San Francisco, California
Contact number: 435 67 3453


Roger James Watson
Human Resource Official
Daffodil Textiles
2nd floor, YAMC Building,
29th Down River Street, Huntington
San Francisco, California

Dear Mr Watson,

I am sending you this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your review as I am applying for the vacant HR post in your company. I believe I am a very eligible candidate for the human resource post that has been advertised in your official website. For over 3 years I have been working as an HR official in TMZ Multinationals and have worked to put up different programs that helped sorting out of human resource management issues. My worker incentive arrangement proved to be very fruitful for the company with employee work pleasure rising by 50 percent after its implementation.

I have worked with various people at all different levels and established a healthy communication and relation between the company and its financers. I also maintained communication between employers within the company and conducted meetings and seminars. I played a key role in the employment of new employees and made sure that the best applicants get selected. I am very enthusiastic to bring my dedication to maintain very high levels of operational routine through the growth and procurement of major talent.

I am keen to join your company and would appreciate a chance of a face to face interview session with you.

Yours Sincerely

Kristen Farrell


  • Resume
  • Appreciation letter
  • Education documents
  • Reference letters

We hope that the above supplied samples of HR cover letter will help the applicants write the best possible cover letter that will facilitate easy job recruitment. Also, refer writing tips for human resource manager cover letter.

Cover letter example for MBA with job experience as Information Technology Product Manager. The document is a reference for most IT positions.

This cover letter is written specifically for Production Manager position. You can see the position listed in the regarding area of the letter. The letter is also addressed to the hiring manager.

The introduction of the cover letter explains how the job seeker has experience in a large social media company building a proprietary technology platform. The writer highlights qualifications such as project management, experience at a similar company and authoring of white papers during the MBA program.

In the bullet point accomplishments, the job seeker highlights their work at Twitter, attaining implementation goals. They also had experience at Facebook creating key reports. This is an example of trying to benefit from experience at recognizable companies.

The candidate closes the cover letter by requesting a discussions and thanking the employer for consideration.

MBA Cover Letter Example

MBA Cover Letter Writing

The graduate with a recent MBA will obviously want to include that information in the first paragraph of the cover letter. It is a big accomplishment and needs to be the forefront of the document just in case the reader decides to skip through quickly.

Otherwise, the rest of the cover letter will depend on your specialty. Professionals with an MBA may end up working in corporate business departments or consulting. Others work with brokers, investment banks or securities exchanges. There are some MBA’s that end up working as economists. So make sure you focus on your job target and try to include past success either in your work experience, internships or MBA program.

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