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Term Paper Company Durant Ave Berkeley Ca

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2302 Bowditch St
Berkeley, CA94704
(510) 843-1162

This store rocks. Had a last minute crisis while putting together a fundraising event at TheatreFIRST at the Live Oak Theatre in north Berkeley ... needed an entire roll of butcher paper late on a Saturday afternoon. Who to call? Yelp to the rescue. Type in butcher paper, got the number for this south campus edge store (that didn't even exist when I was a student at Cal - class of '76!). Helpful on the phone, helpful in the store, even carried the roll down a flight of stairs and into the garage to place it in the car trunk. Reasonable priced! Open late! Free underground parking! Crisis averted. These guys are heroes!! Office/architectural supplies and stationary items (hope I spelled that right). THANK YOU, INK STONE!!!!

This is so ridiculous A tiny staple punch at the corner for 25cent. After printing 2 pages, they asked if I need to staple it. I said yes plz, and didn't know it was even more expensive than the printing cost. I double checked if they were serious they said yes. I know 25cent is not much. Can't buy anything. But at least they should have said it COSTS ( they didn't tell me anything, just asked if I need it ) Is this the way they charge students every single penny?

Great place and all, but it is a bit pricey for a few things. For example, printing is something that is very iffy about this place. Great for printing massive amounts, but when you're in a pinch and you only need one page, this place charges a lot for that and sometimes will tell you the wrong prices for it.

Just walked in and asked for a replacement plastic bag after I'd printed a poster a few weeks ago here. The guy sitting at the computer; blond hair wearing black beanie, didn't even make eye contact or turn his head as I was talking to him. He hardly acknowledged my presence. He was a total jerk and in a very condescending tone insulted me for not remembering the exact size of my poster. Awful customer service. I'll never come back to this place

I'm guessing the employees here are art students, and I know it's the prerogative of art students to be too cool for school. However, I found the staff here particularly condescending. I bought poster board and balsam sticks for protest signs--a small but unwieldy order. The guy I asked would not cut the paper for me and directed me to a table with a ruler and a utility knife. They don't own a paper trimmer anymore, he said, because customers broke their other one and it's too expensive to replace. (Really? They cost about $100.) So, I cut the poster board myself with a knife, and the guy who rang me up made a point to say that *next time* I should pay for the board before cutting it. The guy who had told me to cut it grunted at his computer screen but said nothing. When I asked for a bag, the guy ringing me up informed me that *someday* they will charge for bags. I offered to pay for the bag, and he responded that he wouldn't even know how much to charge (10 cents, bro), but *next time* I might have to pay for a bag. It seemed like this guy just enjoyed having the opportunity to mansplain things to me, no matter how mundane. There were no women in the store, but the employee area was adorned by a large poster of a woman in her underwear. Makes me wonder if anyone cares whether women feel welcome there. Also, I saw a giant spider on one of the stacks of poster board. There will not be a next time.

I came in for large format prints, they just happened first time, no problem (stapled them myself however). The place is up a long flight of steep stairs, so maybe not so great if you're in a wheelchair. But it's a hole in the wall hideaway of competence. Left with some drafting supplies and art paper. I'll take this level of service over FedEx Kinkos "minimum wage" attitude any day. Free parking (that's a big deal) under the store.

I have been coming to the Inkstone since 1978 when I started graduate school in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley. 38 years later I still go there several times a year because they provide such an important and centrally located service for students and designers. As a student I got all my drafting equipment there (and still have it and it still works, even -- incredibly -- some of the Magic Markers!). As a landscape architect I went there for 30 years to buy vellum and more equipment and run prints (lots and lots of them!). Plus, their pick-up and delivery service is extremely convenient, reliable, and fast! As a landscape architecture teacher I have bought lots of drafting and design supplies there for my classroom: tracing paper, vellum, scales, templates, pencils and pens, sketch books; I practically know the bins by heart. For the past 25 years I have sent my students there to buy their own design and drawing equipment and run prints. I know of no other place in the East Bay that serves the design community so thoroughly. I have visited all the art stores in the area, and while they offer some supplies (scales, templates), none of them have anywhere near the range of equipment and services the Inkstone offers. The prices are not rock bottom as one might find at, say, Utrecht, but neither are they high, and the convenience and design focus and deliveries and parking garage more than make up for it. And I always seem to run into friends and colleagues when I'm there! As a designer and teacher I am grateful this store exists.

In and out and got exactly what I wanted. They even have "free" poster tubes sometimes, but also have a selection of nice mailing tubes if you want to pay a bit more or they are out. Friendly staff and later hours make this a go to spot for art supplies near campus, even if they are a bit more spendy than most.

Throughout my 2 final undergrad years and 3 years as a grad student in Berkeley's architecture program, The Ink Stone was my go-to place for large format printing and a variety of supplies. Some people comment on supposed high prices here, but I've actually found many items to cost less than other places. Steel "music wire," for example, (which I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of over these 5 years) costs about 25% less per bundle and is consistently better stocked than at other places. Sheets of cardboard, museum board, and pads of drawing paper are all well stocked and competitively priced. I love the fact that they provide the space and the tools to cut large sheets down so they're easier to carry back to Wurster Hall. Aside from their good selection of supplies and reasonable prices, I particularly like the staff. The people who work there are smart and articulate, and very helpful. They are also friendly. When they are slammed with massive amounts of orders and high-maintenance, stressed-out students, they maintain a firm, professional stance that's appropriate to the frenzied circumstances. When things are slower and more relaxed, most everyone I've encountered there is exceptionally friendly and engaging. This place embodies the essence of a great quality, local and independent business. I'll continue to take my business there whenever possible, even now that I've graduated.

I had to get a poster printed for a conference. Called in, and they were very helpful over the phone and explained how to email in my printing order. These folks at Ink Stone finished the print in 40 minutes from when I emailed them the order, which is practically unheard of for the major brand printing stores. (They said it usually only takes them 20, but they had to print another poster order before they printed mine.) For price, they charged me less than half of FedEx would've charged me. Oh, and they had free poster tubes (only $1.20 extra for caps for the tube), though I got the last 4-foot-long tube. Finally, the poster looks beautiful. I highly recommend this place for poster printing.

One Bad Move After Another. I've been coming to Ink Stone for over 6 years, and I've seen staff come and go. This review is specific to my last three experiences, which were absolutely horrible. In the past, my experience has been absolutely stellar, even considering the ridiculously expensive prices. One 30X40" print on acetate is $30 plus tax? Crazy! I'm back in school, pursuing my M.Arch and M.L.A. at UC Berkeley. Last week, I bought a bunch of wood dowels and boards for two physical models. I had a general idea of what I was constructing but not necessarily the method. One staff member (I'm assuming a manager) kept offering me assistance even after I repetitively rejected it. He kept talking down to me and offering unwarranted advice. I found this incredibly intrusive and annoyingly didactic. A week passed and I didn't use almost half of the materials I purchased, but considering I've spent hundreds, maybe almost a thousand dollars at Ink Stone, I had no callous returning them, especially because of the one-week return policy. I have 3 years of retail experience, and I know return policies are means of protection for the company rather than a hard rule. Since I come to Ink Stone so often, I misplaced one of the 20 something receipts I've accumulated in the past 3 months. The cashier tells me that they will still accept the return even a day passed the return policy date. I return the next day with the correct receipt and more problems ensue. The same "manager" from the prior week asks an incredibly green cashier-in-training to complete my return. It took half an hour to return what would've taken a well-trained cashier half the time. I stood there asking a higher power, "Why me?" Some of the SKUs didn't ring up and she tells me that I probably didn't purchase them there even though I'm 90% positive that I did. She and the manager starts blaming me for trying to return items not purchased from the store. She emphasizes that she is doing me a favor accepting the return one day past the policy date and also blames me for items not scanning in the register. I couldn't believe she was blaming me for this! I hate being talked down to, and she was treating me like an incompetent. I told her that I apologized if I was being difficult, but I didn't need a didactic salesperson to tell me how to shop. I'm going to avoid shopping at Ink Stone whenever possible to avoid the rude customer service (not to mention the overpriced printing service). Here's a big tip, Ink Stone, don't hire pompous egotistical know-it-alls! If Ink Stone wasn't so close to the UC Berkeley campus, no one would shop there. Do yourself a favor, buy your materials online.

Super rude employees with snarky, unpleasant attitudes, and a steady, intrusive gaze. Went there yesterday for basic supplies and I haven't had such a disrespectful encounter in so long. One employee was so crude, she blatantly insulted me. Will be telling my friends to avoid this place for future reference.

Somewhat rude customer service, followed by inexplicably long wait times for just ONE print. I had a 24x36 color print and I was the only customer in the store. After waiting for about 20 minutes with nothing being printed, the employee then proceeds to act as if the printer was "setting up" when in fact the employee did not even INITIATE the print from the computer. All of a sudden, the printer starts printing the file after the employee goes back to his computer to actually begin the print. Maybe this kind of thing gets overlooked with the volume of business this company does, but this poor customer service definitely needs to be highlighted and shared with other customers. To make things worse, the paper did not appear to be coming out of the printer correctly, which I asked the same employee about during the process. Really crappy attitude and lack of awareness for customers. Read other reviews on Yelp about similar issues I've experienced. Inkstone may be an establishment in Berkeley (especially due to the business they get from architecture students), but in many ways they are definitely not deserving of the patronage.

The main reason for giving two stars is the remarkable lack of professionalism. I ordered a particular size poster, which they said was fine. To my confusion, the clerk then wanted me to cut my own poster down from the size that came off the printer. Though later on, he decided that was more in the employee's job description than the customer's. A second employee then made jokes about stealing customers' credit card information, before accusing me of being rude when he didn't see me respond to the first employee's question with a nod. That was weird. They also didn't give me a receipt, then when I called to get one, they made sure to tell me not to expect such lavish treatment again. BUT, the poster was relatively cheap, so you get what you pay for, I suppose...

The Ink Stone is located between Bancroft and Durant and you have to go up a long flight of stairs and over a parking lot entrance to get here And when I'm wandering around Telegraph Avenue, I'll make make sure that I end up here before I go. The Ink Stone is a fun office supplies/graphic arts store that is plain and no-nonsense in its layout. Over the years, I have purchased this and that and have always enjoyed the chill service, unique selection, competitive pricing, and shopping adventure. Of course the fact that I really didn't need some of this stuff is entirely besides the point!

This is an amazing place! A little hard to find if its your first time, so watch for their sign! I needed to get a poster printed at 4PM the day before a conference, so I called them up. They told me that it would only take 20 minutes to process the whole thing. When I went there, they were very nice, knowledgeable, and quick. They treated me very well, had great prices, and the poster they gave me looks amazing! Needless to say, I will now go here for all my printing needs! Worth the 20 minute walk.

I'm not an architecture student like many of the other customers/reviewers here, but I came in to buy a mechanical pencil and some thin pens (think 0.1mm). The guy working here was really helpful, letting me see different pencils from the case and letting me know which ones were 0.7mm (my preferred width for pencils), and which ones he had first-hand experience with. Several months later, I still love both the pencil and the pens I purchased.

A great convenient place for an art/arch/studio student in Berkeley. The place is located behind urban outfitters and up a lot of stairs. They are my go to place for any art supplies that I need. I have done a few plots here and its on the expensive side. Their service is great, they will try their best to get your plots done on time. But around final projects time, it will get harder to get plots done. Note: they sell blue books when its sold out every where else.

As a former architecture student this place was like a second home to me. Last year I had to come here to buy my supplies for class but now having switched majors I still go here for school and art supplies. The items are reasonably priced I suppose (at that weird price point where you have to contemplate it a bit before making the purchase). They have pretty much anything you need - rulers, portfolio cases, sketchpads, prismacolor pencils...etc. Some of your favorite brands might not be available but that might have to do with the fact that the shop is limited in size. They are open pretty late too and I love how convenient the hours and location is. Definitely come here for art supplies and feel free to splurge a bit because you really can't put a price restriction on creativity and imagination.

I have to say Inkstone should get 3.5 stars. It's really really convenient for any art/architecture students because you get a supply store right down the street from Wurster and it has pretty much the essentials. Given, the prices are definitely more costly than arts and supplies stores down University, but time is money in the archy world! if you want to plot something, this place is great for black and white. However ink prints can get really expensive. At the same time, you always want the good quality that Inkstone provides with their prints.