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Shell Cover Letter Internship Position

As a Recruiter in Graduate Recruitment, Samantha Crocker is part of a team responsible for identifying and hiring exceptional candidates for career opportunities at Shell.

“I have the opportunity to hire top talent to join our industry-leading Shell Graduate Program that focuses on developing strengths and growing through experiences,” she explains. “We strive to find roles that are tailored to each candidate’s skills and career aspirations.”

With a wealth of insider insight, Samantha has some great input to offer when you’re planning your application to Shell.

Applying to Shell?

Putting your best foot forward in the application process means applying in a timely fashion – and avoiding a last-minute rush.

“Shell uses a multiple-stage recruitment process,” explains Samantha. “It’s important to apply early in the recruitment cycle to ensure consideration for available roles.”

For a Shell internship, applications are accepted in the following periods.

January start: applications accepted between July and November
May start: applications accepted between September and March
September start: applications accepted between March and July

If you’re considering Shell’s Graduate Program, you can apply once during a 12-month period, Samantha explains, adding, “the best time to apply is in September, when we’re actively recruiting on campus.”

Shell’s ideal candidate

Shell looks for a particular set of qualities in a potential employee.

“We assess our candidates on three criteria: Capacity, Achievement and Relationships,” explains Samantha.

“Our ideal candidate exists in all three of these categories by having strong analytical skills, a desire to see projects through to completion and the ability to work effectively as part of a diverse team.”

“Shell is a global company that embraces Diversity and Inclusion,” says Samantha.

Shell’s emphasis on relationships and working as a member of a diverse team is reflected throughout the application process.

Keeping these qualities in mind can help you identify the skills and experience you want to emphasize in your application to Shell – and set your application apart from the crowd.

Creating a great application

After you complete your application and successfully complete Shell’s online assessment, Samantha says she first looks at a candidate’s previous experience, before considering their academic standing and extracurricular involvement.

“The ideal candidate for Shell has a well-rounded application that shows their commitment to advancing their personal well-being through work experience and academics,” she says, “as well as giving back to their community and fellow students.”

What stands out?

Attention to detail: according to Samantha, applicants can be too vague in describing their previous work experience.

“When I look at a resume, I want to see how the candidate personally contributed in their previous roles,” she says.

She recommends highlighting your specific contribution, not just overall team accomplishments.

“Emphasize your individual input on a task and include the final outcome and the impact it made,” she says. “Remember to support your examples with evidence.”

Samantha has three top tips to offer when you’re planning your Shell application:

While submitting a strong and well-rounded application is part of your overall package, it’s important to set yourself up for success in the online assessment as well.

“You are required to complete a two-part online assessment once you complete your application,” explains Samantha. “Make sure you complete them in a quiet, distraction-free environment.”

When it comes to a job application, more isn’t always better. Stay concise and provide only the key pieces of relevant information.

“Keep your resume to two pages, and make sure to highlight your relevant skills and experience in relation to the position for which you are applying,” says Samantha.

Don’t assume the connections between your past work experience and your chosen role will be immediately apparent – make sure to provide illustrative examples that clearly emphasize the connection.

A well-rounded application for a position at Shell means including more than just work experience!

“Feature your extracurricular and volunteer activities,” Samantha says. “These activities are a great way to showcase your leadership and teambuilding skills.”

Demonstrated volunteer experience indicates that you can work well with others – something Samantha says is a key skill for any Shell employee.

With this expert insight, you’re one step closer to launching your career at Shell!

Ready to apply? Click here to explore career opportunities for students and grads at Shell!

Sample cover letter for Internship position at Shell


Drilling Engineer

London, 22/10/2014

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Supervisor-in-Training Internship (Alaska) recently advertised on your website. Due to the outstanding reputation of Shell and the excellent training it offers, it is my top choice of employment.

I believe that my qualifications are a suitable match for this post. I hold an MEng in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (GPA 2.97). I also graduated with an MSc in Management from Cass Business School. Both degrees had a strong mathematics component covering the requirements of this post.

I have a great passion for the E&P sector, something which has driven me to embark on a distance-learning MSc in Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in order to enhance my knowledge in this specialization. I am fully confident that this is my sector of choice.

I find Drilling Engineering particularly interesting due to its challenging nature, plus its global importance to the energy industry. Your firm particularly interests me it is involved in a wide range of projects including harsh environments and extreme conditions such as in Alaska.

I have already acquired substantial professional experience in the Construction Management Industry. This valuable experience exposed me to the professional world of engineering and managing a team of workers. It enabled me to develop a range of transferable skills: geotechnical investigation, site management, project scheduling and planning, tracking costs and managing budgets. Moreover, it highlighted the importance of safety and adherence to HSSE regulations. I consider myself to be a strong team player with excellent communication and organizational skills.

I am confident that I meet the linguistic requirements of the job as I completed my postgraduate studies in the UK, something which also demonstrates my flexibility and adaptability to life overseas. I have also recently acquired my level B2 Spanish certificate and believe I have a strong aptitude for languages. I am also legally authorized to work in the US on a full time basis.

I am fully aware of the physical demands of such a post and pride myself on my physical fitness, regularly working out by running, climbing and boxing. My period of military service has trained me to be disciplined, to work to a demanding schedule of shifts, to relocate and to live in close proximity with others.

I am excited about the opportunity of this post and it offers the exact challenge that I am looking for. Given the opportunity to join this internship I will use it to my full advantage in order to prove that I can be a long-term asset to your firm. I promise to offer my utmost commitment and enthusiasm in order to then progress to the 3-year training programme.

I do hope after reviewing my CV you will consider me for the position.

Yours faithfully,

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