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Ocr Additional Applied Science Coursework

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Computer Science Coursework

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Applied Science Coursework

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  • I mean if you do exams in each of the 3 Sciences then how come you only get two GCSE's? What ARE the two GCSE'S?

    And how does it differ from Triple Science?

    Is there alot of difference between Double and triple award or not much?

  • Well, I can't speak for Double Award, but Triple Science works like this (on AQA anyway): You have four modular exams in each subject (Chemistry, Biology and Physics)- Units 1a, 1b, 2 and 3. You then get 3 separate GCSEs (one for each science).

    I THINK that for double award, you don't do Unit 3 in each of the subjects, so you get 2 'science' GCSEs, which aren't specific to Chemistry, Biology or Physics. But that would be a guess.

  • You just get two GCSEs called "Science Double Award" which are the same grade.

    Over the two years, you are examined on x number of modules, which are often a mix of physical science and biological science, your unit marks are combined with an exam at the end - and the total is your grade.

    It's basically a general science GCSE and worth AA or BB or CC or whatever.

    If you have the choice, and you are thinking of a scientific career, take the single sciences. Otherwise - meh.