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Outline Animal Farm Essay

Outline Animal Farm, The Lorax, and the political cartoon “Dominos,” use satire to show how selfishness can set off a chain reaction that can ultimately destroy a society. I. In the story, The Lorax, written by Dr. Seuss, portrays the importance of taking care of our planet and how Once-lers greed destroys an entire society. A. The Once-ler discovers a use for the Truffula trees which provide food, shelter, and fresh air for the animals living in the society. 1. The Once-ler discovers that the Truffula trees can be used to make clothes because the Truffula tuft was soft as silk. 2. The Once-ler discovers he can make a profit from making products out of the Truffula trees. 3. The Once-ler calls the entire Once-ler family to come help him produce more of the products. B. Once-ler family arrives and the production speeds up and they begin to find new ways to cut down trees faster. C. He ignores what the Lorax says because all he wants is the money he makes from the tuft of the Truffula trees.

Preparing an outline for your essay will make it appear organized, have a clear structure and build momentum towards a conclusion. Your ideas will also connect easily and in an orderly manner. It also helps you determine whether you have all the materials or resources required to complete the work.

There are four steps in developing an outline for your literary essay on Animal Farm

  • Familiarize Yourself With The Topic
  • There are broad areas to be studied in Animal Farm. Your outline will be determined by the aspects of the novel you intend to write on. An outline for a paper on themes will be different from the outline of a paper on characters. You will be required to read widely and identify the intensity of the aspects you are required to study before embarking on the paper.

  • Identify the Main Categories
  • There are categories or main sub topics in every novel. If your paper covers the Animal Farm in general, you may identify categories like characters, themes, stylistics, language, setting, etc. These are the issues that will form the main sub topics when creating your outline. They are the pillars upon which your essay will stand. Identify the categories and list them in the order you would like them to appear.

  • Fill The Minor Details of Your Categories
  • Having identified the main areas and sub topics for your essay, it is time to provide concrete details for your paper. This includes the pages where you will refer, the specific details about the characters, themes and setting, among other aspects. At this stage, you will have an idea whether you have adequate resources to complete your work. At times, you will be required to reduce the details available in order to stick to the stipulated size of your paper.

  • Review Your Outline Against Expectations
  • The structure and components of an outline will be determined by the instructions issued by your teacher. The review seeks to establish whether all components of a literary essay on Animal Farm are present according to expectations by the teacher. The instructions will act as your checklist as you seek to establish whether you have met these expectations.

    There are sample outlines for a literary essay on Animal Farm that will assist you in the writing process. The details of the outline may change as you begin writing. It only acts as a guide to writing a paper on Animal Farm but does not have to be binding.