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I Am An Orphan Essay


I am alone for long time like an orphan
Nobody was with me even parents
I stood for a long time expecting
Someone who love me as their kid

Even none came to calm me when I cried
I still hoped, but at last I give up
Many people came to scare me
with all my confidence and courage
I shooed them away

Often when I thought about my future
I became fearful and tensed
I asked my mind to tell me a solution
The results were confusing

However everyday I expect my father
Who live with his second wife
His kind words make me feel strong
But it was only for a small time

Everyday I see many school students
I often dream to go with them
When I see them teasing me
I would turn myself from them

Whenever everyone ask about my parents
I would immerse in the deep thoughts
Even for me, it is hard to bring myself back
So i give those thoughts away

My mind asked me why god has punished me
by making me an orphan
I often think that for hours and hours
But when I think more I would stop
because thoughts make you sick

I have asked my father to do me a favour
to take me away from orphanage
but, where i will go after that?
my step mother hates and blames me
so i think orphanage is better

Since I am an orphan none loves me
Oh! God! At least in my next life
Please provide me with parents who love me
since i hate to be neglected and
I don't want to be alone anymore in my life

I am an orphan, but not the only one.
I lost parents, but I am not the only one;
I beg for peace, love and solidarity;
I don’t want war, and I don’t want a gun.
There is war in my country.
Red covers all the other colors,
And I see dead bodies more than live ones;
I hear more crying than laughter,
and I am lost in the dust of bomb blast.

I am an orphan, but not the only one.
And I don’t want any name on me:
Indio, Muslim, Sunni and Shia
are killing humanity.
They are killing peace on this Earth.
Free me from their hate.
Free me from this pain of different names
and different colors.
Free me

I am an orphan, but not only the one.
I don’t want to know a God created by people,
who kills more innocents in the name of God.
I don’t want to worship
their God who has no respect for humans; 
free me from this cage of endless war,
free me from endless war
where I am powerless, and
Morality is losing.

Yes, I am an orphan, but not the only one;
I see many more, many more
around me—
I see more mothers lose children;
I see more children lose mothers;
I see more homes destroyed. Oh,
let me sleep, let me sleep.Oh
let me dream a dream, the
dream of peace.

by Shogofa

Photo by Simon Monk