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Letter Of Intent Example Residency Personal Statement

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Example Residency Letter of Intent

Dear Dr. X,

I interviewedat your program on January 6th, and did a second look on January 31st. I am writing this letter to express my strong interest in your program and to inform you that I am ranking Excellent Program as my #1 choice for residency.

Excellent Program offers several unique strengths that make it the right program for me. I am particularly interested in the clinical and research opportunities that Excellent offers, including great subspecialty surgical electives, international mission trips with faculty and diverse training sites. The chance to take a year off to pursue my research interests is something else in which I am interested. I also enjoyed meeting with Drs. Great and Awesome during my second look and learning about resident involvement with community and departmental initiatives. I plan to pursue leadership positions during and after residency, and Excellent would help me achieve these goals.

I am also extremely impressed with your program’s structured didactics. I learned from Dr. Accomplished’s presentation and handouts on interview day that residents are consistently tested on the material they are learning in conferences and during rotations.  In addition, I highly value the extensive simulation training that is an ongoing part of the curriculum. I was also impressed by the camaraderie and teamwork that your residents exhibited. I think I would fit in very well with the group.

During my second look visit last week, I also explored the city of Urban Oasis and became aware of its incredible diversity. Even though I will have limited free time during residency, the city’s cultural and culinary venues will offer valuable diversions. I would be really excited to live in a new part of the country and learn how medicine is practiced there.

For all of these reasons, Excellent is my top choice for residency. I would be honored to match there. As a resident, I hope to learn from my attendings and offer the best care for my patients. I also hope to make meaningful contributions to the program. My desire to become an excellent surgeon, along with my current interests and future goals, make me an enthusiastic, motivated, focused, and excellent fit for Excellent.


Your Top Choice Too

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How to Write Letter of Intent for Pharmacy Residency Effectively

A letter of intent or statement of purpose for pharmacy residency application is not something that most people are confident with writing. It must be able to make you clearly stand out from the many others that have applied and show clearly that you are an ideal applicant to select. To achieve this you have to not only cover everything that the committee will want to know you also have to write in a style that will effectively grab their attention.

The following tips and advice for how to write a letter to residency program application will help you to ensure that your writing will help you to get that place:

  • Ensure that your opening line will firmly grab the attention of the reader and want them to read more about you and your future goals.
  • Select a clear theme for your writing that will provide you with a storyline for your writing; this should be a relevant anecdote or an attention grabbing fact. Do not use a quotation.
  • Ensure that you will cover all of the information that they will want to know about your within your writing
  • Never use any form of clichés within your writing
  • Do not use acronyms, slang or words that the committee may not understand; always use language that is readily understood by anyone
  • Write about yourself, this is about you and your intentions within the field of pharmacy
  • Ensure that what you write is all relevant to the application that you are writing
  • Do not make any claims without supporting them; use clear examples to demonstrate what you have done
  • Write in a concise manner and avoid wordiness at all times
  • Do not simply repeat your resume or use information from elsewhere in your application
  • Do not make statements that are obvious or do not clearly support your application
  • Never write about anything negative or make complaints
  • Always proofread your writing very carefully, even a single small spelling mistake could sink your chances of acceptance

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Our Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent Sample

Dear Dr. Siddharth

Thank you for taking the time yesterday to discuss the University of Southern Califorania’s prestigious Pharmacy residency program with me. As you may remember, I am a current fourth year Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate at Drexell University. My goal is to become a practicing clinical pharmacist with a focus in cancer drug dosing.A pharmacy residency will provide me the hands-on experience I need to round out my years of study in the field. Applying my knowledge in actual clinical situations will allow me to better understand current medical concepts, and allow me to recognize areas for improvement. Pharmacy is a rapidly growing practice, and I desire to design ever more effective treatment options. I hope to achieve this through exploring medical treatments for current clinical diseases.

My studies at Drexell University have given me a very strong background in pharmaceutical theory and related research. I hope to continue learning past my graduation, knowing that theory can only be as useful as its applications. USC has one of the strongest clinical pharmacy programs in the nation, and many exciting developments (such as the creation of Taximofen) were pioneered there. Under the mentorship of such prestigious pharmacists, I hope to forge valuable connections and optimize treatment plans for patients in hospitals.

As part of the top 5% of pharmacy students at Drexell University, I believe that I have the commitment and enthusiasm that USC desires in its students. I have had numerous leadership positions, including being president of the Pharmacy Student Council at Drexell. Having traveled around the country giving presentations regarding new treatment methods, I have clear written and communication skills. In addition, I have a strong background in computer science and analytics, allowing me to quickly grasp technological concepts.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you or your staff for an interview. Please do not hesitate to call me at 44-554-2345 or by email at Thank you for your consideration.


Wesley Iggor

The Benefits of Using Our Service for Your Pharmacy Student Letter of Intent Residency

Getting the full attention of the committee members is not easy and nor is making your personal application stand out. Our experts, however, have many years of writing personal statements in pharmacy and know just what the committee expects to see. They hold post graduate degrees in the areas in which they help and have the English skills necessary to craft a truly impressive statement with you.

They work with you through our services to fully understand what you have to offer the program that you are applying to and will help you to tailor your letter of intent so that it reflects exactly what they want to see. In addition to the help that they provide we also offer you:

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  • Unlimited revisions on your letter of intent

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